Are you interested in a writing job

that makes a real impact

in people’s lives? 

Blink Publishing is Hiring…

… If you can answer yes to the 3 questions below? 


Do you want to do work that makes a difference?


Do you want to work for a company with a track record of finding and nurturing superstars?


Do you have a knack for persuasive writing?

If you have the ability to understand and share the feelings of others,

and translate those feelings into words that compel readers to action…

Then we want you to write for us.

Our mission is to promote industry leaders who create transformational ideas, products, and services.

In the words of our mission statement:

“We help experts help the world.”

But there’s a problem…

Great ideas never reach a mass audience without a team of writers working behind the scenes. 

And the most compelling, most effective and most rewarding words are written by those who can empathize with the reader.

It’s those writers who truly want to make a difference in another person’s life that produce the sentences, paragraphs, and reports that resonate. 

Only you, with your desire to make a difference, to truly help another person can stand in the shoes of another and express their pain, fear, and hopes in a way that talks directly to them…

And that makes you a rare talent that we want to develop with our in-house writer training program. 

But here’s another truth…

We cannot help anyone unless we have writers.

We simply need more writers like you.

Blink Publishing has a rich history of spotting talented writers (even if they are unsure of themselves) and we know how to train writers to realize their full potential.

That’s why WE DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR RESUME… Or Your Portfolio. 

Sometimes people have not seen the greatness inside, and sometimes people just need a chance, a platform to show that they’re made of the right stuff. 

If you want to be always growing, evolving, and working with purpose then Blink Publishing might be your platform to shine. 

But, this opportunity is not for everyone.

Here’s a hard truth…

Not everyone will be prepared to put the work in at the application stage. 

Not everyone will be prepared to complete the writer training (which we pay you to complete.)

Yet, everyone who applies has an equal chance of earning a place on our team, as we are not interested in your resume or portfolio. 

Our application process is a set of writing prompts for you to show us your writing skills.


We create direct marketing campaigns online to sell information products about personal development, improving relationships, health, and wellness.


We help reunite couples who’ve lost their way


We help connect the people


We guide couples towards loving marriages


We tell the truth about navigating relationships


We give information on living a healthy lifestyle


We make a difference


We only hire people who are interested in continuously improving their craft.


In other words, people who love constructive criticism, because they know it helps sharpen their skills over time.


After all, writers are the lifeblood of Blink Publishing.

We appreciate them. They’re critical to our success. They’re highly respected. So we invest in developing their skills over time.


(A personal note from Jordan Hall – marketing manager, Blink Publishing)

Blink is blessed with a high number of long term employees. And one of the main reasons for that is…

We’re not going to throw you out in the cold to figure out what your role is, and how to correctly apply your training. 

We have a unique in-house writer training system in place to support you so you’re successful in this venture. 

And people who are successful are always rewarded financially. That means getting paid to write words…

Words that can impact people’s lives. Think about this. If you write the words that help connect a weight loss product to someone in a poor state of health… 

You are literally saving lives — and you can have a lot of fun at the same time as providing for your family. 

Let me double down on my point about training…

We have a unique in-house writer training system so that you can tap into your creativity but are not thrown out in the cold to figure it out. You already know how to write, we just help mold your talent.

A Blink Publishing writer is someone who turns up and does the work. Sounds simple, yet it’s what separates first-class writers from the rest of the pack. Aside from a willingness to crank out words all day long, Blink writers display these behaviors:

  • You ask questions

  • You communicate daily

  • You can follow a process

  • You can adapt to using new software

  • You genuinely want to help people

  • You move fast—focusing on producing results.

  • Your natural-born curiosity drives you to read all kinds of stuff from self-help books to health and nutrition.

  • You make decisions quickly, never letting uncertainty prevent you from pushing forward on an assigned task..

  • You enjoy writing because it comes to you naturally.

  • You can handle criticism like a pro, asking questions to clarify feedback so you can take action on it immediately.

  • You have an intuitive sense of what drives people’s buying decisions.

  • You know how to get inside people’s heads, weaving narrative tension into your writing to hold your reader’s attention from beginning to end.

    These are the qualities that set our writers apart. If this sounds like you, keep reading.


Our hiring process is simple, but it’s rigorous. Oddly enough, it involves a lot of writing…

We’re interested in how you write, how fast you write, and if you’re willing to jump through a few basic hoops that allow us to assess your abilities.

Remember we’re willing to train people from scratch (and pay them) as long as they have the right stuff. 

If you don’t like to take personality tests, then now is the time to bail out. 

Before you click the application button at the bottom of the page, make yourself aware of the steps involved in our application process. 


The Online Application

This is where we get to know you with a few basic questions.

We also ask you to take Tony Robbins’ highly respected personality test, the DISC assessment.

 This assessment can take up to 30 minutes, and you’ll need to create a free account to take the test, then self-report your scores.


The Writing Review

There is a total of 4 written assignments.

And you have 48 hours to complete each assignment. 

You’ll need to watch instruction videos, perform basic research, read the supplementary materials and then produce your piece of writing.

You should put aside at least a few hours for each of the tasks. 90% of applicants drop out at this stage.

If you complete this stage in full, you’re likely going to be in the final 10% of applicants heading towards the interview stage.


Congratulations You Did It!

If you complete everything we ask for in these early stages, then you’re probably a competent and highly employable writer.

If what you’ve written matches the criteria we’re looking for then we’ll invite you to interview for a job with Blink Publishing. 

Are you the right person to join our panel of writers?

Is it the kind of opportunity

that excites you?


This job is currently closed.

Blink Publishing is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status.